Walking Instead of Juggling: The Outward Hound Leash Mate to the Rescue

Going for a walk with pup? That means taking the key,* phone, poop bags, tissues, maybe gum, an inhaler, etc. Since I decided that using a fanny pack wasn’t an option any more (aside from it being such a fashion faux-pas, who wants more bulk around your middle?), I attempted to use

pockets (if I had any) or just hold all the stuff while also holding the leash. Needless to say, it was a cumbersome mess, and my phone often hit the pavement (thanks to my super duper Otter Box case, the phone never broke). 071113_OutwardH-LeashMate2Finally, I found a perfect answer in this Outward Hound Leash Mate. Absolutely love it! There are two parts to the Leash Mate: one bigger section for phone, keys, etc., and one smaller section just for poop bags that disconnects (although I think it’s perfect as is, with both attached). Even with my iPhone’s chunky Otter Box case, the phone fits inside the main section with room to spare. Just use the adjustable straps to attach the Leash Mate to the handle of your leash and you’re ready to go. And at this price, you might want to pick up one for each  leash.


*If you have a big set of keys, make things easier and lighter by using a key holder that has a detachable part, so you can just take your house key without lugging along the entire heavy load of keys.