The Mall Dogs Project: From Film to Print

8.15.13 UPDATE: The book is published and available on Amazon (standard edition) and (deluxe edition).

7.8.13 UPDATE: The book is nearly completed! When it’s ready, we’ll have information here and on the project’s website. More details very soon.

malldogsamazonIn tough economic times, it can be difficult to raise the funds necessary to make a film—no matter how important and worthwhile a project it is. So we’ve decided to switch media. We’ll be telling the story in print, rather than film. Mall Dogs will be a beautiful, full color book that will tell the story of  “Lucky Paws”—a unique animal pet adoption center that’s located inside a mall in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Lucky Paws, an Albuquerque municipal shelter, has had a tremendous amount of success placing thousands of dogs and cats into permanent homes. Their remarkable approach to pet adoption starts with creating a positive retail environment that makes adopting a pet a pleasant experience.

Mall Dogs will tell the story of Lucky Paws, from its dramatic beginnings to the psychology of its design to the reasons for its success. A big part of the book will be the beautifully photographed stories of dogs and cats and the people who have connected with them at Lucky Paws. This book is designed to spread the word about this successful model for pet adoption centers and shelters. But we don’t want to stop there. Included in the book will be a resource guide—a blueprint— that other animal shelters can use to recreate the success of Lucky Paws in their own cities, or at least implement aspects of it at their shelters.


Why We Are Doing It

Lucky Paws is the model of what shelters could and should be, and the story of Lucky Paws needs to be told. Nearly every community in America is suffering from a pet overpopulation problem. If other cities can learn from what Lucky Paws is doing in Albuquerque, thousands of pets could be saved from euthanasia and be adopted into loving homes instead.

We’ve all seen documentaries and news stories about animal shelters. They tend to be very emotional with lots of crying and sadness about the plight of the animals. But we’ll be focusing in on the positive results that Lucky Paws has achieved, thanks to its unique approach and design.


How Can You Help?

We’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready to purchase with a big launch. Stay tuned! If you would like to inquire about helping even more, please contact us directly.

Thank You

Thanks very much for checking out our project page. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.