Why You SHOULD Consider Yourself Your Dog’s Parent

Anthropomorphosis means “translation into human form.” Tell someone you consider yourself your dog’s parent and they may accuse you of anthropomorphism. Nothing could be farther from the truth. As the brilliant author, researcher, and professor, Temple Grandin, says in her book, Animals Make Us Human: “What dogs probably need isn’t a substitute pack leader but a substitute parent. I say …

A Training Discovery for Barking in Multi-Dog Families

The more our little dog sounded those barking alarms, the more our two bigger dogs began to follow suit. Soon, we ended up with three barking dogs who got so caught up in their barking frenzy that they did not want to hear what we said to the contrary. I was struck with an idea. Instead of berating the misbehaving dog, why not praise the dogs who are doing the right thing? And it worked.