Saving for Canine Medical Costs

Have you tried buying medical insurance for your dog? Pet insurance has really come a long way since it was first developed. Although it’s been at least five years since I tried it out, it’s worth noting that my experiences with it were pretty much failures. Here’s an example: my newly adopted young dog was fully vaccinated and completely loved and cared for. He suddenly became quite ill with Giardia. After a trip to the vet and the proper meds, he recovered. When I submitted the claim for reimbursement, I was told that this was considered a “preventable” illness and therefore was not covered. Since this is definitely not the case—Giardia can NOT be prevented—I immediately cancelled this pet insurance.

Today, there are many pet insurers to choose from. But before you sign up, in addition to researching the details of each one, there’s one piece of advice I received from a kind veterinarian a long time ago. She said, “I recommend that you put aside money every month in your own bank account to pay for your pet’s veterinary bills.” It’s kind of a brilliant, old-fashioned approach. A savings plan just for your animals! However you decide to do so, be it a savings account, money market, etc., you’ll know that you’re building up the reserves you’ll need when necessary, and if there is any interest to be earned, you’ll be the one earning it. Smart, huh?