No Dog Left Behind Thanks to SPCA International: A Priceless Way to Say Thank You to Our Military

Thanks to the awesome blog, BarkPost, we discovered the great story of Jax and Sgt. Jacob Fisher, the US Marine who rescued him while on active duty in Afghanistan. The story has a wonderful ending, thanks to SPCA International’s Operation Baghdad Pups. This dedicated, determined effort reunites military folks with the dogs or cats they have fallen in love with but were forced to leave behind when their tour of duty was over. As their slogan says so perfectly, “No Buddy Gets Left Behind.” They also run the important program, Operation Military Pups. This life-saving program assists military families with the costs of moving their pets when the family is required to move. Shipping animals can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, and this program allows families to stay together, instead of having to surrender their beloved animals to a nearby shelter when they are required to move.

Check out Sgt. Fisher’s story and read more about Operation Baghdad Pups and Operation Military Pets.

In honor of Memorial Day, not only can we say thank you to our selfless military, but by supporting Operation Baghdad Pups, we can offer them the priceless gift of their beloved companion animal.