Music Therapy to Calm and Soothe

Cho_ThroughDogEar_webAs I write this, ChoCho and I are listening to Through a Dog’s Ear, Volume 1. He’s sound asleep. On Thursday afternoons, when I volunteer at the Bend Spay+Neuter Project, there’s a CD player in the dog kennel recovery area, where the dogs rest after surgery, listening to this same music. I notice that more than half of dogs in recovery who listen to Through a Dog’s Ear are resting and relaxed.

It’s a truly happy discovery to find a natural, beautiful, musical way to bring relaxation to a nervous canine. The developers of Through a Dog’s Ear utilize scientifically proven elements (their “psychoacoustic rationale”) of music performance and composition to create a relaxing effect in the canine (and human) listener. In sum, the sound is simplified through three processes that you can read more about on their website.


The ability to provide your dog with a natural, auditory method of relaxation can really be helpful in dealing with separation anxiety, new environments, while recovering from illness or surgery, in fearful situations, or simply to combat loneliness. The company also makes a self-contained, portable device called the iCalmDog, which can play up to six hours at a time (or 12 with their Battery Boost).

Read all about how to use their CDs as part of a positive conditioning system on their website (instructions are included with each volume)

We also love that the company supports shelters and adopters by providing free one-hour CDs to both, making the shelter experience a little better for everyone.

ChoCho is now snoring, by the way.