Just How Hot Does it Get Inside Your Car?

I hate Summer. Maybe because I was born in January? I hate feeling overheated all the time. I even hate summer clothes. And I hate the fact that summer means my dogs can’t come with me for rides in the car as often due to the baking hot sun.

The Too Hot for Spot car thermometer

When the temps hit 70 and above, taking your dog with you in the car can be risky at best, deadly at worst. If you haven’t encountered statistics on how dangerous it is to leave your dog in a parked car in the summer sun (or anytime of year when the temps are over 70 degrees), you must be truly tuned out. But even though most people know the risks, it can be tempting to leave your pup in the car “just for a second” while you run into a store. That’s when trouble can happen.

I recently discovered one of the truly most ingenious, life-saving and valuable products for pets ever created. It’s called Too Hot for Spot and it’s a simple, static cling thermometer that you can attach to a window inside your car. It measures the temp inside your car, and is visible from outside the car. That means that before you even get inside your car, you can see exactly how much the temperatures inside resemble an oven!  There are illustrations on the device that show you what is a safe temp range and what temperatures become very dangerous (both at the high end and the low end). AND…people walking by can see the temps, too. Talk about spreading awareness! Bravo and a huge thank you to the inventor of Too Hot for Spot. No car-driving, canine companion family should ever be without one.