IKEA Unknowingly Creates the Perfect Dog Bed

There are a lot of dog beds out there. If you’ve got a few hours to spare looking through thousands of results, do a “dog bed” search on Amazon. As a writer for Daily Kibble, I’ve written about a lot of beds. As a Dog Mom, I’ve purchased many. But a Craigslist posting for a toddler bed sparked an idea: what if the perfect bed for our dogs wasn’t a dog bed at all? My dogs will interject here, saying, “Exactly, Mummy. Our perfect bed is your bed, with you and Daddy.” While that may be true sometimes, they still do need their own bed.

ThreePups_IkeaBed_wAs usual, it was hubby with the good idea: “Why don’t we get this Ikea toddler bed for the dogs?” We measured our bed (the Hemnes queen size), compared it to the measurements of the toddler bed, and it was a perfect match to fit against the foot of our bed. Hmmm….this could work out. When I thought about it, there were lots of good reasons to give this a try:
1. By placing the dogs’ bed at the foot of our bed, they could feel closer to us without actually having to climb up into our bed.
2. The raised design of the bed keeps them off the cold floor in the winter, and gives better air circulation in the summer.
3. The height was just enough for all three of our dogs, one of whom is a tri-pod, to manage easily.
4. The mattress is lots more supportive than the usual dog bed, especially important for our tri-pod.
5. Sheets and waterproof mattress protectors are easily available, washable, and less expensive than dog bed cover replacements.

IkeaBedEnd_wSo we bought that Kritter bed on Craigslist. Next I ordered two sets of LEN fitted sheets, a NATTLIG waterproof mattress protector, and the VYSSA mattress. I took a trip to our local Tuesday Morning store and found two perfect bolster-type pillows to put on each end. And then, voila! The dogs loved their new bed. The big boys sometimes sleep curled up together on it, or take turns (we still have one bed on the floor). The little one? She still insists on sleeping with us. But now we have a supportive, warm, comfy bed that, judging by how much time they spend in it, the dogs love. Thanks, IKEA!