Happy Toasty New Year!

Happy New Year! In honor of the holiday, and the season, thought you’d enjoy discovering this amazingly talented gal, Courtney, and her warm, beautiful, handmade creations for large pooches, as much as I did. Courtney lives in

Courtanai Dog Snood: Polar BearNorth Carolina (I’ve long thought that North Carolina is a hotbed of creativity and talented artists of all kinds—and it just keeps proving true again and again) and she knits and crochets dog snoods, scarves, and other accessories for dogs and their human moms, too. Her model is her insanely cute Pittie, Lincoln, who no doubt inspires Courtney to create such wonderful goodies. Check out her Etsy shop, Courtenai. You can just tell that a whole lot of love goes into what she makes.Courtanai Dog Cowl