Five Valentine’s Day Gifts Made by Companies that Care

Chocolate is fattening. And jewelry? You’ve probably got lots of it. So what’s an ideal gift for the dog parent? Check out this list we’ve compiled of gifts that do more than just look pretty, smell good, or taste great.

1. Hendrick Boards


Super cool, California style in tee-shirts for adults, kids, and pets…with a purpose. Sure, they are beautiful and hip designs, but every single product that Hendrick Boards sells triggers a $10 donation to save animals by supporting local rescues and shelters. After you outfit the human family, take a look at the beautiful Vintage Collar. It’s made from 100% natural cotton rope and vegan leather for a beachy, strong look. The matching Vintage Leash is gorgeous, too, and is available separately or as a set with the collar. Did we mention that $10 donation from every product? Now that’s love. Read all about Hendrick Boards and David Hendrickson, the compassionate cutie who started it all, at


2. Tito’s Vodka
 TitosVodkaA Cosmo, Bloody Mary, Martini. There are just so many vodka drinks to choose from at cocktail time. Add in the myriad of choices in brands of Vodka and you’ve really got a dizzying selection…unless you love dogs. Then, the decision is easy. Tito’s Vodka is handcrafted vodka made with love by Mr. Tito Beveridge, who left careers in geophysics and the mortgage world to devote himself to creating a smoothly wonderful vodka. You can read all about him and his vodka at But it’s Tito’s love for dogs that makes him a star at DogParent. As a neighbor of Emancipet in Austin, Texas, Tito’s not only supports their efforts to bring affordable spay/neuter and basic veterinary services to the community, but is passionate about helping them spread the important word on spaying and neutering. Tito’s even offers tee-shirts, signs, leashes, a dog bowl, and dog toys featuring Tito’s Vodka images, all the proceeds of which go to Emancipet. Find the dog-centric side of Tito’s at


3. Rescue Candle
 RescueCandleCandles can make a perfectly romantic addition to an already romantic holiday, or can bring about a happy mood on a cloudy day. Especially if they’re all natural, smell wonderful, and generate a 15% donation to animal rescue organizations! Rescue Candle on Etsy does just this. They sell hand-crafted soy candles in scents like Walk in the Park, Blueberry Muffin, Country Cottage, Bed Hog (bet that’s a super fresh scent), and lots more. Why buy any old candle when you can get a natural soy candle that makes it very clear where your heart is.


4. A Harness from Kurgo
KurgoBecause no dog should be without a harness. A new pinch collar for Valentine’s Day? We think not. Dog Parents know that pain-inducing collars are unnecessary, potentially extremely dangerous, and function on the outdated and inhumane punishment principle. So a good harness is a must. And Kurgo not only makes a favorite one (the Pinnacle Harness is well-made, well-designed, and affordable), but the company also runs the Kurgo Foundation. This group supports nonprofits that help animals after natural disasters. Kurgo designs products that are all about keeping your beloved animals with you when you travel—safely and comfortably. So anything you choose to buy from them will do good through their Foundation. We just like starting with the Pinnacle vest. Because no dog should be without one.


5. White, Red, or Rosé—Lift a Glass with Mutt LynchMuttLynchWinery
Both the wine and the artful wine labels from this California winery are derived from a love of wine and a love of dogs. So it’s not surprising to discover that they are passionate about supporting animal rescue organizations across the country. You’ll find Mutt Lynch wines easy to spot when you look for the beautifully designed labels featuring photographic dog portraits or illustrations. And since you can order online, it’s even easier to pick up a bottle or three. Toasting with a glass of wine takes on a sweeter blush when it helps animals in need.