Digging up Good Information on the Healthiest Dog Diet: Part 1

If you are a dog parent, chances are you already know what goes into poor quality dog food (if you aren’t up to date on this, a good place to start is Ann N. Martin’s industry-changing book, Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facts About Pet Food). So we all try to do our best and buy good quality food. But what exactly constitutes ‘good quality food?’

Perhaps one of the most in-depth analyses of dog food is Steve Brown and Beth Taylor’s book, See Spot Live Longer: How to Help Your Dog Live a Longer, Healthier Life. Steve Brown is the guy who developed Steve’s Real Food® and Charlee Bear Dog Treats®. Once read, this book will likely become a dog-eared part of your permanent library and you’ll probably want to share it with everyone you know who loves their dog. The book begins with case after case (from veterinarians’ files) of dogs whose medical problems (ranging from allergies to cancer) were resolved when they were switched to a raw diet. In Part Two, a detailed, thorough analysis of the ancestral diet vs the modern diet is presented, including: eating raw, the role of carbohydrates, and micronutrients. Part Three is particularly chilling to read: an explanation of the carcinogens and allergens that occur in processed, grain-based foods. Finally, the book ends with a lengthy section on how to feed your dog in a way that encourages not only optimal health, but the longest life possible.

The book is so compelling, it actually affected my own dietary choices, too.

So what are our dogs eating now? Find out in Part 2 of Digging Up Good Information on the Healthiest Diet.