Beautiful, Natural, Handmade Candles that Help Save Animals



Who doesn’t love a deliciously-scented candle? Getting one for yourself or giving one as a gift is such a nice gesture. But what if the candle does more than just offer a calming, wonderful scent, and can actually help animal rescue organizations, too? At Dog Parent, we love companies that not only make quality products but make helping animals a big part of their mission. That’s why we are so happy to tell you about a candle company we found on called Rescue Candle. If you love candles, you know how important it is to burn candles made of natural, environmentally friendly ingredients. Rescue Candle creates their unique blends from soy wax and all-cotton wicks for a clean burn, and hand pours each candle into an adorable, reusable Mason jar. No petroleum products, no pesticides, no toxic ingredients—just a 100% natural, vegan product made in the USA.

RescueCandle2_WebLighting the scrumptiously-scented Mango Mutt candle diffused a natural mango scent all through our kitchen for a totally summery feel. We love the names of their candles as much as the scents they contain: Off the Leash will really take you to the beach with its tropical suntan oil scent, Morning Nudge is a dose of hazelnut coffee, and Walk in the Park delivers the fresh scent of cut grass, just to name a few. And when you purchase these candles, 15% of the proceeds are donated to animal rescue organizations. They also offer two fundraising programs that provide a fun and innovative way to help your shelter or rescue organization raise money.

Check out the assortment of candles at or, as well as their Soy Wax Melts, hand-painted Canvas Bags, Magnets, and Soaps. All natural, all cruelty-free, and all made with love.

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