Fact vs. Folkore

When it comes to training, some people pass off folklore as fact.…
August 25, 2011/by admin

Just How Hot Does it Get Inside Your Car?

I hate Summer. Maybe because I was born in January? I hate feeling…
August 3, 2011/by admin

It All Started in January…

This past January, I had a life-changing experience. I won a…
July 24, 2011/by admin

A Healthy, Made in USA Chicken Treat, and Staying Aware of Pet Food Recalls

Kona's Chips are a healthy, safe alternative to "Made in China" chicken jerky treats. And you can stay aware of pet food recalls via the AVMA website.
December 28, 2010/by admin

DogParent’s 8 Great Gifts for the Holidays

1. The Whole Dog Journal. $20 for a one year subscription…
December 16, 2010/by admin

Family Visits… and Emergency Vet Visits

While all chocolate is deadly, the heart of what makes it so is the caffeine and theobromine. Both are stimulants, diuretics and are especially potent in dogs. And we learned that the toxic effects of chocolate remain in a dog's system for four days.
December 13, 2010/by admin

What if your dog was taken away because of his appearance?

On May 19, 2010, dog wardens took Lennox, a sweet family dog, from his home in Belfast, Ireland. Since then, he has been kept in inhumane conditions, awaiting a hearing on November 23rd, that will decide his fate. Tens of thousands of people around the world are joining his family in the fight to return this beloved, sweet family pet to his home.
November 15, 2010/by admin

How to Avoid Barking and Lunging on a Walk

An excellent how-to video that explains how to change your dog's reactive behavior on a walk, using positive reinforcement, treats, and a clicker.
September 22, 2010/by admin

Adoption 101: Rescue Organizations

So you've decided to adopt. First of all, THANK YOU. You obviously…
September 11, 2010/by admin

The Lady with the Dog on the Plane

Taking my little dog with me was definitely an interesting experience. Not only for me, but it was wonderful to interact with so many people, whose faces lighted up with joy when they saw the little black fur ball peeking out through the mesh.
August 24, 2010/by admin

A Training Discovery for Barking in Multi-Dog Families

The more our little dog sounded those barking alarms, the more our two bigger dogs began to follow suit. Soon, we ended up with three barking dogs who got so caught up in their barking frenzy that they did not want to hear what we said to the contrary. I was struck with an idea. Instead of berating the misbehaving dog, why not praise the dogs who are doing the right thing? And it worked.
July 29, 2010/by admin

Fish Oil A Day Keeps the Veterinarian Away

Fish oil, with its anti-inflammatory properties, has been found to help dogs (cats and people, too) with conditions such as kidney disease, arthritis, high cholesterol, and skin and allergy conditions. All these reasons make it a great supplement to add to your dog's diet every day.
July 24, 2010/by admin