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Raw Proof: The Healthiest Doggy Diet, Three Years In

It just so happens that my canine family is a good (albeit small) group to study for the effects of a healthy diet. I have three very different rescued dogs: Lucia, a tiny, Toy Poodle, Whiskey, a medium size mixed breed, and ChoCho, a large Rottweiler mix who had a front arm amputated before we […]

Just Pretty Collars: Is Teal the Perfect Color for Every Dog?

When it comes to complementing literally any shade of fur, nothing works as beautifully as the color teal (aqua, turqoise, blue-green—you get the idea). There’s just something magical about how the color mixes so perfectly yet remains so visible with dog fur. We combed Etsy.com for the prettiest collars in that prettiest of all colors […]

Saving for Canine Medical Costs

Have you tried buying medical insurance for your dog? Pet insurance has really come a long way since it was first developed. Although it’s been at least five years since I tried it out, it’s worth noting that my experiences with it were pretty much failures. Here’s an example: my newly adopted young dog was […]

Hometown Quality: Dog Toys Made in the USA

Keeping your dog healthy is such a top priority that it pays to look into whatever ways you can minimize any toxins that he or she may be exposed to. If your dog really loves to play with toys, just think of how much time the toy is in her mouth! That equals a lot of […]

5 Plan-Ahead Gifts for Dog Moms on Mother’s Day

From something as simple and affordable as a custom cookie cutter to a real splurge with diamond jewelry, here are a few suggestions for unique gifts to make Mother’s Day extra special for the Dog Mom you know and love. And while giving something custom made requires a bit of planning, we bet you’ll agree it’s […]


Beautiful, Natural, Handmade Candles that Help Save Animals

Who doesn’t love a deliciously-scented candle? Getting one for yourself or giving one as a gift is such a nice gesture. But what if the candle does more than just offer a calming, wonderful scent, and can actually help animal rescue organizations, too? At Dog Parent, we love companies that not only make quality products […]

Dog Cones: 5 Options to Help Boo-Boos Heal

It’s an undeniable fact: no matter how sweet your dog’s kisses are, when he starts licking at a boo-boo, it can lead to infection, slow healing, and even result in ripped sutures. Instead of trusting him not to lick, take away the temptation with a cone. Sometimes called the “cone of shame,” there’s really nothing […]

A Handmade Collar for Dogs Who Love the Attention

When you’re looking for a new collar, it’s important to consider sturdy construction, necessary features, and color. What you might not realize is the power a cute collar can have over your dog’s social interactions. When Whiskey wears his beautiful Bow Tie Collar from Scatter Brained Collars (SBC) on Etsy, he just about stops traffic. […]