Cycle Dog Collars: An Accessory for Hipster Dogs

About four months ago, the family and I moved to Bend, Oregon. I’d be lying if I said that the city’s title of “Dog Town, USA” didn’t play a significant role in our decision to move here. Along with lots of outdoor activities, the city boasts a crazy number of indie craft breweries: beer is big here. Our little Whiskey, the social butterfly that he is, was thrilled to discover the joys of lounging with his parents at any of the local brew pubs in town. And in most cases, you can find those same tasty brews in bottle form at the local grocery stores.

The PupTop® on Whiskey's Cycle Dog collarWhiskey wearing his Cycle Dog collar

So what better accessory for the hipster, pub-frequenting dog to have than a Cycle Dog collar with the unique Pup Top® D-ring? Unlike the typical D-ring, where one attaches ID tags and a leash, the PupTop D-ring is instead designed as a bottle opener, so it’s not only strong and secure, but it can be used to snap open the top on a bottle of beer or other capped beverage. Gotta love that. The collar itself is pretty wonderful, too. It’s made of recycled bike tubes for an odor-free, easy-to-clean, waterproof base (plus, edges won’t fray). A patterned ribbon is attached on top of the rubber base—for color and style. You’ll no doubt find a style you’ll love—they have a seriously impressive collection of fun, unique ribbons that we haven’t seen before. You can select from their seat-belt design clasp or the traditional plastic buckle. Cheers!