Welcome to Dogparent

My name is Jessi and I am proud to call myself a “Dog Mother.” I created DogParent to celebrate all dogs and the people who love them. I’ve been a volunteer with animal welfare and rescue groups for a very long time and can truly say that I consider dogs to be the most beautiful, loving, wonderful creatures on earth. This blog is for the caring people who open their hearts to dogs and embrace them as the family members they are.

I live in Bend, Oregon, with my husband and three beloved rescued dogs: one small (Lucia), one medium (Whiskey) and one large (ChoCho).

DogParent will always work to bring you fun and educational information. Posts will feature things that we have tried ourselves and really love (look for the Tried It—Love It! icon) or things that we find really interesting and worth knowing about but haven’t yet tried. When we talk about training, we will feature articles and products that fit with the latest in science-based, positive training methods. And all our dogs will benefit from the dog treat recipes and craft projects we’ll sometimes feature. Finally, while we aren’t veterinarians, we will share health information that we have found to be trustworthy and helpful.

We hope you’ll find DogParent a great community to be part of.