A Healthy, Made in USA Chicken Treat, and Staying Aware of Pet Food Recalls

In today’s email from Daily Kibble, we were introduced to a company here in the US that makes, from start to finish, chicken jerky treats for dogs. Kona’s Chips were created by Kona’s mom after Kona became ill from chicken jerky treats that were made in China. If you take a look at most chicken jerky treats, you’ll see “Made in China” on the label. While some companies claim they monitor the manufacturing facility for quality, the fact remains that chicken jerky treats “Made in China” have been causing illness in dogs for the past couple of years.

How does one stay on top of pet food safety alerts and recalls? Thanks to Kona’s website, we discovered a trusted and complete source of recall information. The American Veterinary Medical Association maintains a page on their website of all recalls, and it appears to be kept up to date. Here’s the link. You can also follow them on Twitter.

And we look forward to receiving our sample order of Kona’s Chips, knowing they are safe and made from USDA inspected chicken.