A Handmade Collar for Dogs Who Love the Attention

Whisk_SCBcollarWhen you’re looking for a new collar, it’s important to consider sturdy construction, necessary features, and color. What you might not realize is the power a cute collar can have over your dog’s social interactions. When Whiskey wears his beautiful Bow Tie Collar from Scatter Brained Collars (SBC) on Etsy, he just about stops traffic. The size and color of the bow tie really capture a personality that enjoys saying “hi” to folks he meets on his travels. And that immediate warm reception he receives is a two-way street: he enjoys the experience as much as the human fawning over “how cute he is” and “what an adorable collar he’s wearing.”

We love that these collars are all cotton, with a sturdy support inside, for a comfy fit. The wide width of the collar and the big bow tie make the collar visible even on a fluffy dog, and the fabrics available are fun, hip patterns that really complement doggy fur. For smaller pups, narrower collar sizes are available. SBC also makes collars with flowers for girly dogs, matching leashes, and even matching key chains. Whiskey has had his collar for a couple of years and it washes and dries beautifully (the bow tie is removable, too).