Is $5,000 a Lot of Money to Raise?

I just saw a near final edit of the documentary, Lost Dogs, and was completely blown away. I met Vanessa Shulz, the filmmaker, at an event for the Bend Spay and Neuter Project. We connected and I learned the story of how she came to make this film. After seeing that famous YouTube clip about the hero dog in Chile who dodged traffic to rescue his friend dog who had been hit by a car, Vanessa did what no one else did—she decided to go to Chile and find out more about the street dogs there. Continue reading

Build a fence to help a dog—Fences for Fido makes it happen

There are so many ways to help dogs that it really is possible for you to find the perfect fit with your interests and abilities. With the wonderful groundswell of activities that dedicated volunteers and visionaries are undertaking to reduce the numbers of animals euthanized in shelters, one area to focus on is how to prevent a dog from arriving in a shelter to begin with, and a way to do that is to get dogs off of chains. A chained dog is likely a neglected dog who experiences isolation and frustration. Continue reading

A Father’s Day Find for Dog Daddies

For that sweet sweet doggy daddy who loves his dog—and his gadgets—this is a mind-blowingly perfect leash. Seriously…check it out. The Leash Plus has an LED flashlight, a storage bin for treats, a poop bag dispenser, a pop-up water bowl, and get this—an LCD clock with the date and time. It’s got everything! Continue reading

Dog Moms, Enjoy Your Day!

Dog Moms, all of us here at—two-legged, three-legged (that’s ChoCho!), and four-legged—wish you an especially sweet Mother’s Day.

Here are a few little goodies we found that might be nice treats for yourself, as well as a great way to help dogs in need. All thanks to The Animal Rescue Site. Enjoy the day! Continue reading

Nose Work: What It Is and Why You and Your Dog—No Matter His Age or Ability— Will Love It!

Sniffing. Dogs are so good at it that many of them make a living doing it: think search dogs, bomb-sniffing dogs, drug-sniffing dogs, the list goes on and on. But a new sport takes their natural nose power and puts it to work for fun and excitement. It’s called Nose Work and you and your dog are going to absolutely love it.

My three-legged dog, ChoCho, was in need of something fun to do Continue reading

Get this App For the Safety of Your Dog and Every Dog

Why is facial recognition software such an outrageously brilliant idea for finding lost dogs?
1. It delivers better results (no vague verbal descriptions—this is visual plus high tech at its best!) Continue reading

A Beautiful Understanding of Loss

When things are going well and your fur kids are healthy and happy, the last thing on your mind should be loss. But maybe that’s a time when you can discover something that really rings true, knowing that it could very well be a lifeline for you in the future, as well as a comforting way to look back at the past. Continue reading

IKEA Unknowingly Creates the Perfect Dog Bed

There are a lot of dog beds out there. If you’ve got a few hours to spare looking through thousands of results, do a “dog bed” search on Amazon. As a writer for Daily Kibble, I’ve written about a lot of beds. As a Dog Mom, I’ve purchased many. But a Craigslist posting for a toddler bed sparked an idea: what if the perfect bed for our dogs wasn’t a dog bed at all? Continue reading

“Clip a Claw, Get a Cookie!”

Let’s assume you didn’t know that most dogs prefer not to have their paws touched and need to be gently acclimated to paw handling from puppyhood. Or your dog entered your life as an adult who had never had his paws touched and freaks out if you even mention touching his paws.

Either way, you’ve got a dilemma: how to trim his claws and care for his paws when he prefers that you do neither. Enter my solution: “Clip a Claw, Get a Cookie!”

Continue reading

Cycle Dog Collars: An Accessory for Hipster Dogs

About four months ago, the family and I moved to Bend, Oregon. I’d be lying if I said that the city’s title of “Dog Town, USA” didn’t play a significant role in our decision to move here. Along with lots of outdoor activities, the city boasts a crazy number of indie craft breweries: beer is big here. Our little Whiskey, the social butterfly that he is, Continue reading